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Automation, dosage, measurement and assembly are closely linked. In fact, they are so closely linked that one often is not possible without the other. This is why D+P has been active in the area of dosage and testing technology, as well as in the field of automation and assembly technology from the outset.

 In addition to highly complex standard products, D+P has been developing and producing customer-specific systems for the application and dosage of liquids, grease and pastes, as well as for component assembly and functional testing, for more than 25 years.

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Firma D+P

The systems we produce are used in the automotive industry, the engineering, assembly technology, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries and in the food industry.

Our end-to-end solutions help our customers to manufacture high-quality products and support them in their quality assurance work. Even after installation, we are on hand to help our customers with a comprehensive customer service offering.

Our products and the projects entrusted to us require a considerable degree of specialist knowledge, manufacturing expertise, a practical approach, close cooperation, innovation and modern manufacturing technology. These are characteristics that define us as a small, but highly-specialised, effi cient company; characteristics that will continue to guide us in the future, too.