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Facts and Figures

D+P was established in 1986 by the company’s managing director, Herbert Faaß, in Bopfingen-Trochtelfingen.

The company’s activities focused on dosage, testing and assembly technology from the outset.

The company developed continuously from a small scale enterprise to a midsize company which could retain its family character. The company soon had to expand its premises.

At the end of 2004, D+P moved into its newly erected company building on Emil-Eigner-Str. 3 in Nördlingen.

Firma D+P, Dosier- und Prüftechnik GmbH

Today, D+P is home to a workforce of more than 50 people on premises covering manufacturing and office space of 2,500 m².

Since 1990 D+P has been offering apprenticeships in various technical and commercial occupations, securing both its internal expertise and, in part, covering its personnel needs.

D+P’s machinery, which is renewed on a regular basis, has also grown steadily along with the company. As a result, D+P boasts modern manufacturing and production workstations that are used to plan and produce the highly precise and complex products and systems.