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Dosing and Applying

(Viscous) liquids that are applied in the wrong position or the wrong quantity can result directly in defective products or considerably reduce their lifespan in actual operations.

D+P dosage and application systems allow precise, even application at the point-of-presence, helping to ensure the quality standards of your products.

D+P develops and produces dosage, greasing and application systems for surface, contour and dot application in-house. Depending on the problem definition, the customer-specific systems can be used to precisely apply grease, oils, silicones, sealants, adhesives or pastes.


D+P dosage and application systems have been used for many years now in numerous industrial sectors:

  • automotive industry
  • electrical/electrical engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • pharmaceuticals industry
  • food industry
  • and many more.

Take advantage of our more than 25 years of experience in the field of dosage and application technology.