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RBE 02 rotary lubrication unit

Rotary head with an electric engine for the wetting of inner contours. Airless material application thanks to centrifugal force.
Technical Data:
  • Standard lubrication depth: approx.150 mm
  • Max. transportable viscosity: NLGI-Klasse 1
  • Max. flow rate: approx 1 cm³/s
  • Dimensions: 345 x 60 x 60 (L x W x H)
  • Rotation speed: 17.000 RPM when idling
  • Volume: approx. 60 dB


  • D+P article number RBE 02 (150 mm): DP-D-006-000001
  • D+P article number RBE 02 (70 mm): DP-D-006-000003

RBE 02 rotary lubrication unit

CCT greasing

  • High flexibility, application of medium at most different component contours (cylindrical, conical, angular, etc.)
  • Airless material application by centrifugal force
  • Touchless wetting with various viscous media is possible
  • Smooth application in case of component undercuts
  • Precise material application (from 0,1g) at inner contours
  • Almost no grease carry-over