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Flow Measurement System


The incorrect application of liquids during automated dosage processes, caused primarily by flow failures, can result in considerable malfunctions.

D+P flow measurement systems SMG 06 help you to identify these failures immediately as part of a continuous application process.

 If the dosage of identical quantities is interrupted, these quantities can be checked in an extremely precise manner.

D+P flow measurement systems are ideal for monitoring almost all (viscous) liquids.


The flexible modular structure of the flow measurement systems allows them to be incorporated into new systems or integrated into existing systems.

D+P flow measurement systems have been used successfully and reliably in a whole range of areas in the assembly technology sector, automotive manufacture segment, pharmaceuticals and chemical industry, food industry, etc., for many years now.

Flow measurement systems are a patentprotected proprietary development of Dosier- und Prüftechnik GmbH.