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High Pressure Barrel Pumps


The emptying of barrels with high pressure barrel pumps shows a number of advantages compared to the manual emptying:

  • optimal emptying of the barrels
  • exact dosage of the quantity to be taken out
  • proper feeding of the contained material and thus no dirt

D+P barrel pumps are suitable for nearly all viscose media, e.g. grease, silicone, paste, etc.     

Hochdruck-Fasspumpe G200T
Hochdruck-Fasspumpe GLK 200

Additionally to the barrel pumps we deliver, on request, components like: Pressure reduction valves, dispensing valves and dosing valves, high pressure tubes, pressure switches, screw connections etc., necessary and precondition for direct connection to other systems.

Our range of performance includes the installation, putting into operation and integration of the barrel pumps to other systems, as well as an extensive customer service.

D+P high pressure barrel pumps are offered for different barrel sizes and media.