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Measuring / Testing

Measuring and testing components and products is often a far more complex process than manufacturing them. Consequently, high demands have to be met when it comes to the development and production of such systems. We have successfully proven our capabilities when it comes to realisation of measuring and testing equipment in numerous projects.

This is why measuring and testing facilities tend to be customer-specific solutions that are realised in combination with tried-and-tested standard components. As part of a cooperation project with the customer, the necessary measuring and testing criteria are identified so that appropriate systems can be developed and produced.


The commitment and specialist expertise of our employees, combined with high-quality materials and our in-house quality assurance process guarantee the consistently high quality and reliability of our measuring and testing systems.

D+P testing and measuring equipment allows you to record and test complex parameters.
Physical parameters and dimensions such as:

– force, pressure, pull
– torque, path, angle, rotation angle…
– function, etc.