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Mechanical production / Job order production


Flexibility and commitment are the characteristics of our mechanical production department. Thereby the quality plays, of course, a very significant role. A range of modern machinery and a welltrained expert staff are the basis for this.

Beside of manufacturing systems and machines, we are also very active in the field of job order production.

Due to our various CNC lathes, millers and grinding machines we are able to cover all performance levels from very simple work pieces to complex turned and milled parts.

Mechanische Fertigungsmaschine

Take benefit from our job order production

D+P avails of the most new machinery for your demand. Job order manufacturing here means to produce high precision components by means of modern technology.

Within the field of job order production we focus on large size and precision parts. You can take profit from the high quality of the products which we manufacture for you. You do not have to invest in expensive machinery, and you get best high-grade goods.

Verschließmechanismus für AirbusWerkstückträger für RelaisBefettkopf für Keilwelle