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Testing / Contacting Connectors


Due to frequent plugging in and out of the connectors, their contact resistance changes, so customary original connectors are not suitable for this.

Therefore special test connectors are required for automation-capable contacting.

The test/contacting connectors from D+P are designed for use in test systems and guarantee reliable and low-wear contacting of the plug connections.

D+P Prüfstecker 01
D+P Prüfstecker 02

The test connectors are designed by us and fabricated in our modern machine park from an especially abrasion resistant high-tech plastic.

In addition, we also fabricate the test connectors to customer specifications. Custom shapes and custom lengths can be made on customer request.

After fabrication, the test connectors are assembled in our assembly department and finally undergo quality control.

  D+P Prüftechnik 01D+P Prüftechnik 02D+P Prüftechnik 04