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Volume Sensor VSE 01

The VSE 01 volume sensor measures the viscose media as an in-line device according to the displacement principle.    


The turning of the toothed gears of the volume sensor is recorded contact-free by a magneto-resistive sensor, is amplified, and output as a pulse.

Each turning of the measuring element by one tooth increment results in one pulse with a precisely displaced measurement volume.

The pulse output can be delivered as PNP or NPN signal. The frequency is proportional to the instantaneous flow rate.

 Volumensensor VSE_ 01  

Technical data:

      • Measurement range:             0,05 … 4 l/min
      • Measurement volume:           0,04 cm³
      • Measurement accuracy:       2% bei 21 mm²/s
      • Viscosity range:                    2 … 2000 mm²/s
      • Max. working pressure:        200 bar



 Detailansicht Volumensensor VSE_01  







Abmessungen VSE 01